A creature wanders between two mirrors (a very bad place for a poet to be), and you must help it come up with an eight-line poem.

For best use: try the "Fullscreen" button in the lower right of game (looks like four arrows), and try headphones if you have them!


by S.L.Clark, originally for LD33 game jam

all text based on things written by Zeke Virant that I had laying around

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AuthorLawra Suits Clark
Made withGameMaker
TagsAbstract, Altgame, artgame, poetry, Surreal, Text based


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Such a fun lil game! Simple yet effective


An ode to memory loss :

James... I mean, Trevor

We've walked round and around

Holy shit ! Holy shit ! Who am I ?

Remember ?

Our child died in the year of horse

You owed three hundred and fifty dollars

I am deeply concerned

Ivan, you're a smartchild

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"I don't have a cell phone, Oh God!


Maybe you should throw up

An old woman in bathtub

Let me know how you are

Never tell a lie

Five dollars!

Just like to look at it."

This is going into the card I'm giving my husband for our anniversary. 

I'm thrilled, hope they appreciate it~

That High Observation / There is no future / They'll understand / I think you know that / it's not fantasy / get wound up in fashion and lying / that's a national past time / it's there forever


A poem about glorious revolution over infidel capitalism
I declined their proposals.
Time is ending for the fisherman.
Tell you what,
I've spent my stint in the city.
Give it back to the miners,
friends of the glorious Russian army.
It's an awful lot.
That's all I can say.

Tell me about poetry!

I'm going to Europe for the first time on a boat
the year of the horse
Inside of every idea is a journey
have an ear and listen
You look like a guy I know
It's not fantasy
wanna buy a case for your cell phone?


You sound like a merchant trying to sell me something on the street. Yes please.